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How to create brush that paints or erases in Unity(Mobile)?

Kind of a simple question but I have no idea where to start. Basically I just want to use my finger to drag along an image and either paint on it or erase the image texture entirely (presumable using an alpha channel). If this is even possible.

I was thinking using the built in Canvas and Image capabilities already built in to unity and for example layer two images on top of each other and as the user drags their finger on the top image the opacity goes to 0 around a small circle around where the touch is occurring. So when the user drags their finger around the image the image that is under the one being “erased” is slowly being revealed. Is this possible? I dont even know where to begin doing that in scripting. And the reverse to also be possible where instead the opacity is set to max and the image that is layered on top will start to reappear as it is being “drawn again”. How can I go about doing this?

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