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How to configure the buffer used by vi-mode bash for yank and paste?

Does anyone know how to configure what buffer is used by vi-mode bash for yanking (copying) and pasting?

Long version:
I have set editing-mode vi in my .inputrc, so that programs using the readline library, namely bash, use vi-like key bindings. Unrelated to this, I have set up both vim and tmux to use the system clipboard for yanking and pasting. I would like to do the same for bash. This might seem unnecessary since I will mostly use bash via tmux, but even then it would be nice to be able to use p (in normal mode) to copy from clipboard instead of C-a P, or something like that (with a tmux prefix). However, I cannot find any info about how to configure this aspect of bash, or even what buffer is used by bash by default for yank and paste. I do not see it when I execute :registers in vim, so it does not seem to be any of the registers that vim sees.

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