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How to configure aggregate device

I’m looking for a way to create an aggregated audio device with a specific configuration, but not sure how to map them.

I’ve got a headset, iRig, garage band and other app.

Essentially I want to create this setup:

iRid input -> garage band -> mix -> headset output
                   |          ^
                   v          |
headset mic  ->   mix  -> other app

I expected I could map this to basically 2 aggregate audio devices with one of them:

"Mix for app":

  • add headset mic as device’s input – possible
  • set garageband output to this – possible
  • set app’s input – not possible 🙁

I believe I could do this with the blackhole app, but it requires quite a bit of work to get more than 1 blackhole working at a time.

Apart from spending money on Loopback, what are my options here? Am I missing some possible configurations?

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