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how to check date $gte in mongodb for ‘’ date format

I want data where deliveryDate is greater than equal to current date but it is not working in mongodb. my deliveryDate are stored in “11.8.2018” this format.

  $match: {"deliveryDate" : { $gte: new Date(new Date().setDate(new.  Date().getDate()-2)) }
 $group: {
           year: { $year: "$createdDate" },
           month: { $month: "$createdDate" },
           day: { $dayOfMonth: "$createdDate" },
           time: { $dateToString: { format: "%H:%M:%S:%L", date: "$createdDate" }},
           partialAmount : "$partialAmount",
           balanceAmount : "$balanceAmount"

but this is not working if I give create date instead of deliveryDate then it is working but I want them according to deliveryDate.

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