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How to change subnets of wifi connected devices and what to consider?

I was told one way of isolating wired LAN connected devices from W-LAN connected ones, could be to change their subnets in network adapter settings. By isolating I mean hindering the Wireless connected devices to “see” the LAN ones, or vice versa.

I know where to change the subnets. But my questions are:

  1. Isn’t it true that most connections/devices require DHCP automatic IP addresses to function properly? Setting manually a subnet would conflict with that or not?

  2. What implications on the internet connection/security does in general has setting manual subnets instead of letting DHCP handle it automatically?

  3. I don’t know what numbers to enter in the subnet mask. How can I know what IPs/parameters should be chosen for IP/subnet? How to do it for ipv4 and how for ipv6? (is it necessary to do it for both ipv4 ipv6?)

  4. Can the DNS parameters stay on automatic mode?


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