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How to best store a dead/former name together with the new name in LDAP schema?

Today, in out IT unit, I came across a case where we need to store a new name in all systems linked with OpenLDAP for a person whom requested a name change.

By legal reasons the person didn’t show any Birth/Marriage certificate which could have helped me to change all name attributes, by my law requirements I have to change it anyway with or without the certificate, although there wasn’t legal demonstration of this name fully changed I must have to record the dead name in somehow.

The only solution I thought was I could have put the new name in Display Name attribute and maintain the dead one in SN, CN, Name attributes, but this might display the wrong name in some systems and will not solve this issue fully and I will get user complaint about it. It’s also impossible to change manually in each system (more than 100+) since each one may have its standard for name displaying and would be hard to check if they follow the LDAP standard about it.

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