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How do you turn on crontab logging on Big Sur?

I am running macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 and have several crontab jobs set up and they work fine, but I want to turn on the logging of all of my crontab jobs.

I have read that with the recently releases such as Big Sur, macOS still supports crontab but not cron. However I see I do have a cron process running:

0   274     1   0 12Feb21 ??         0:05.83 /usr/sbin/cron

But even though cron is running, /var/cron/log is nonexistent.

Some of my crontab jobs write to stdout which shows up in mail or mailx as I expect, but how do I turn on the logging of all of my jobs (start and end date/times, user, etc.)?

I see several questions and answers about how to turn on cron logging, but they all appear to apply only to earlier releases of macOS, not to Catalina or Big Sir.

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