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How do the two half cells of Daniel cell know when they are connected?

I’m currently studying electrochemistry in school, and there is something I don’t can’t quite understand about Daniel cell.

When you put $\ce{Zu}$ solid into $\ce{ZuSO4}$ solution, does the electrode become negatively charged even before connecting it with the $\ce{Cu}$ half cell?

I searched but I wasn’t able to form a clear understanding, I read that the answer to the previous question is no, the the two cells need to be connected for the redox reaction to happen.
If that was the case, how do the half cells communicate, how do they know when they are connected even when there is distance between them?

If the electrodes were charged before connecting them that would make perfect sense for me, the electrons repel each other and when connecting the two half cells with a wire, the electrons move because of the negatively charged electrode, but from what I’ve read that is not the case?

I’m really sorry if that is a stupid question but I really can’t find an answer.

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