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How do Minecraft know where village’s buildings are if the village is not generated yet?

I’m trying to understand how chunk generation works in a deep level and all the information I found does not explain how the villages are generated properly without visual glitches during generation.

I mean, if you are in an area where you should see some buildings from a village, how does Minecraft know that they must be rendered?
Minecraft generates villages from a main “structure” that probably it is not generated yet.

This video explains the village’s generation properly.

So with that in main what should happen is that you could see builds appear from time to time when the “village center” of a village is generated in a new-generated chunk.

Here you have a visual representation of the circumstances I’m describing. The buildings inside the loaded area shouldn’t be shown if the village is not generated yet:

Diagram showing village center building outside player's loaded bounds

The only explanation I can think about is that Minecraft generates way more chunks than the ones that are visually loaded to avoid this problem.

If this what happens, what is the generation area compared to the visual loaded area?

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