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How do I setup WooCommerce’s product options to operate like Volusion’s option system?

We are migrating a Volusion website to WooCommerce. The administrator of that site loves the fact that add-ons are a separate entity, managed independently.

I’ll try to explain how Volusion allows this through an example. For example, an option category could be: Engraving Sections

And the options would be

  • 1 (price difference $0)
  • 2 (price difference $8)

Another category would be: Add optional screws

And those options would be

  • Bronze screws ($0.20)
  • Nickel screws ($0.20)

Each option is assigned to a product on the edit screen by entering a product code. The “magic” that the admin likes about Volusion is that you can go into the option editor, and edit an option, and it applies for all of its related products. In this example, he could change Nickel Screws to be $0.30, and it would apply to 1000 products.

I tried to see how to do this in WooCommerce but got stuck. I am using add-ons to replace “options” in Volusion. The issue with that is that add-ons are either managed on a product by product basis, or if globally there isn’t much available as far as configuring what products those can be assigned to (besides categories which doesn’t work in this situation).

How Volusion stores and manages Options is nothing like how any other e-commerce platform stores and manages Add-ons. And I’m stuck and don’t know how to configure WooCommerce to handle add-ons in the way that Volusion handles Options. Please help. Thanks!

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