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How do I prevent sideways scrolling (and get wrapping instead) of long bash command-lines in CentOS8?

Normally, bash command-lines wrap – which I am used to and works great:

[cnd@MacBook-Pro ~]$ echo abcdefgABCDEFGhijklmnopHIJKLMNOPq

(I made my window narrow to demonstrate)

However – the default CentOS8 shell no longer does this. Instead, it truncates most of the start of your typing (once you get to within 3 characters of the end of the terminal width), replacing it with a “>”, and you can no longer see what you typed.

[cnd@hpz ~]$ 

(actual copy/paste from the shell window)

What is the correct way to disable that infuriating behaviour? I need to see my whole command (I type a lot of long perl one-liners – it is important to check before running!)

I’ve tried assorted things, like using vt100 or xterm for the terminal, some “set” commands and other exports, but so far I can’t guess it, and google doesn’t seem to have any answers (polluted with irrelevant questions about output wrapping, unwanted scrolling, ansi escape prompt escaping, etc)

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