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How can I proxy_pass all addresses after a location /(.*) with nginx?

I’m running a node.js application called serve that shows the files and folders from a specific path of my computer on a webpage:

enter image description here

This application works fine by itself. However, when I try to make it run with nginx on the location /page/, I’m not capable of seeing the contents of any files or folders and I get a 404 Not Found error if I try to access them. I’m using the following nginx.conf file:

events {}

http {
    server {

        listen 80;

        location /page/ {
             proxy_pass http://localhost:8070/;


What am I missing here? I’m not sure if this is a nginx related question or if it’s something with the node.js app that I’m using… Does it happen because nginx cannot access addresses after the location /page/(.*)?

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