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Having issue with Google Cloud function deploying with java 11 and zipped in a .zip file

yyy:google-cloud-sdk xxx$ gcloud functions deploy function-1 --entry-point --runtime java11 --trigger-topic=retrieve_fun_info --stage-bucket=b2b_testing_user1 --source=/Users/Shared/Github/RetrieveFunInfo --allow-unauthenticated
ERROR: (gcloud.functions.deploy) 403 Could not upload file [/var/folders/7l/tqmht9193c93rt98qvbcvbvc0000gn/T/tmptof60y1z/] to [b2b_testing_user1/us-central1-projects/hd-cust-account-dev/locations/us-central1/functions/]: does not have storage.objects.create access to the Google Cloud Storage object.

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