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Grub: can’t use arrow keys to navigate (works in Bios)

I have a USB-Keyboard in a non-USB-3 port. I have xubuntu 20.04, Grub 2.04-1ubuntu26 and Windows 10. Boot is on the xubuntu disk. I can’t select any boot options. The countdown halts when I press a key, I can press enter to boot into xubuntu, I can use Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart. The keyboard seems to work apart from the arrow keys. I cannot toggle Numlock, light stays on, though. I can use the keyboard just fine in Bios and xubuntu after boot.

This question got asked several times. Solutions that were working for some have not worked out for me:

  • switching usb modes in Bios
  • changing usb port
  • using num-block 2 and 8 to navigate
  • navigate with pg down

If it’s any use, I got a Logitech G110 keyboard and an ASRock Z68 Pro3 mainboard.

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