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Gmail has stopped letting me fetch e-mails via IMAP or send via SMTP

With zero changes, I’ve been fetching e-mails from my Gmail account via IMAP for a long time. The last couple of days, I get errors like this:

[ALERT] Please log in via your web browser
[ALERT] Please log in via your web browser
[ALERT] Please log in via your web browser
Too many login failures

I have logged in numerous times with "my web browser". It doesn’t change anything. The exact same errors keep showing. I’ve gone through all the settings and nonsense. There’s nothing for me to enable/approve/fix in the account settings.

I’ve waited for many hours without trying to log in. Nothing helps.

It suddenly doesn’t let me do anything but use a web browser to access my Gmail account. Which is worthless. I need IMAP/SMTP access, as I’ve had up until now.

When, in the past, this kind of thing happened (which seems to happen randomly), logging in with a browser would display a CAPTCHA and then access would be restored. Not this time. I’ve tried changing passwords multiple times, entered many CAPTCHAs to log in, etc. Nothing works.

This seems like they have cut off access to their e-mail "service" completely, without announcing it or telling you in clear terms. The practical end result is that I’m completely crippled and cannot send or receive any e-mails.

There’s simply nothing left that I can do at this point. I guess this is it. I’ve been forced to stop using e-mail too. Now I have exactly zero communication channels left on this so-called "global network of computers". The year is 2020 and I don’t even get to receive/send e-mails.

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