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[ Gender Studies ] Open Question : A 35 years virginal woman who masturbates, is she still medically a virgin?

Many people think that it would definitely be impossible for a woman at my age 36 years old to be a virginal woman. Especially some OB/GYN’s or other healthcare professionals who have been known to be judgmental towards women who are different, and have called them liars or virgin/slut shame them in their own hypocritical and despicable judgement against the patients that they barely know! This gives me the impression that the entire healthcare system within the United States of America and throughout the entire world is over corrupted with abuse and physicians or other health care professionals who have bullied, abused, and did bad things to their patients. Has anyone experienced unfair, cruel, and or usual treatment at a doctors appointment before?

The answer is yes a woman that is 36 years old and has masturbated is still medically a virgin. Because she hasn’t had a sexual partner or intercourse. Intercourse is when there’s intimate skin contact with male sexual partner with a penis inside a woman. Solo Sex or self-stimulation is a form of sexual activity without a sexual partner in which means that it’s probably the safest form of sex because there’s no risk of STD’S and pregnancy, etc. Either a woman who is sexually inexperienced/inactive or experienced/active they can still masturbate in solitude meaning alone by themselves.

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