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[ Garden & Landscape ] Open Question : I want to create a sustainable ecosystem forest for cats. I have some questions whether it will work.?

so my dad owns a 40 acre property. I want to make a forest that will attract animals and make an ecosystem and I want to put some domesticated cats in the forest. I want to fence 10,000 square feet (100ft by 100ft) which is a small chunk of the land. I live in Reno, Nevada. Nevada is a desert and has little precipitation. The city I live in Reno has 7 inches precipitation every year. I want to plant the maple trees so they attract animals such as rabbits and birds.
I want to make a pond to attract more animals and keep the soil moist. I want the maple trees to also mature to the point where the roots go so deep in the ground that they don’t need watering anymore so I can have a forest ecosystem that doesn’t need any watering or management. I want to put some domesticated cats in the forest so they can breed and multiply and hunt and live off of the animals in the ecosystem and I expect the trees to shed leaves every fall which will make the soil more fertile and make the forest and ecosystem grow exponentially. There are a lot of coyotes and rabbits around. Now I have some questions. Will the maple trees and pond attract birds and rabbits and other animals? Will the cats multiply and survive off of the animals? Will the cats be able to evade coyotes by hiding in shrubs, trees or climbing trees? Will I have a successfully running ecosystem? Will my plan work? Any suggestions? Here is also a photo of how I expect my forest ecosystem to look like.

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