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gajim: status change from “Away” to “Available” does not work sometimes

I have set “Away after 5 minutes” in:

  -> Preferences
    -> Status

This mostly works as expected: After 5 minutes of inactivity, my status automatically changes to “Away”. When I come back and move mouse, or type on keyboard, the status changes back to “Available”.

But it only works 95% of the time. Sometimes, I come back, move mouse, but status does not change to “Available”.

This is extremely annoying, as I have to always check whether my status has changed every time I come back.

Why does it work sometimes, but not always?
What affects this behavior?
Is this simply a bug in Gajim, or is there something on my system that I can do to fix this?

I am using Debian Buster, and gajim 1.1.2-2

Why does such a simple thing not work reliably ?


I am using plain Openbox as my window manager, and slim as my login manager. I do have dbus daemon running.

But I don’t have any Gnome/KDE/… desktop environment.
I also don’t have any screensaver

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