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[ Friends ] Open Question : Why is this guy in touch?

I met this guy in a running shop about 6 years ago. He was serving me and had to spend about half an hour helping me find the right shoes for training. We really hit it off laughing and joking. I didn’t think anything of it then I noticed he had a wedding ring on and my heart sank.
We met a number of times at running events etc over the years but I kept it low key since I don’t want to get involved with a married guy. He got in touch with me on FB and asked me to meet up a few years ago.
Anyway never heard anything more then today he sent me a friend request. I remember he used to have that he was married on his profile and several pictures of his wife but now theyre either gone or hidden. I did notice she is still his friend even though his friends are hidden. I seen it on her profile but she doesn’t have any pictures of her and him on her profile.
I don’t know what to make of it all, why get in touch after not seeing or hearing from each other in years He sent me a message as well asking how I am.

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