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[ Friends ] Open Question : Sensed a song with deeper meaning?

I’ve started talking to an old friend again recently. We’ll call this friend T. T ended our friendship, and started slowly contacting me again over time, and recently we’ve been talking a tiny bit pretty much every day. T found out that I liked the same sort of music as him and talked to me about it. A few hours later he sent me a few songs from this one band we both like. T said they thought I’d like them because of the style of the songs and said they sent them cause they were bored too. I listened to the songs and most of the songs are about a relationship that ended and the person singing wanting that person back. Or the person singing seeing how good a person they miss is without them and how they are jealous and want them back. Some were normal songs though. T and I were never in a relationship only a friendship. And I know T doesn’t like me because of T’s sexuality. But do you think the songs correlated with our friendship, and T maybe sent them because T was telling me how T felt through music? Is it true that people send songs like that to tell someone how they feel indirectly?

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