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[ Friends ] Open Question : My “Bffs” stopped talking to me because one of their ex kept my friendship more then they did after high school. Now I’m the bad guy.?

Hi who ever is reading this, I need some advice and positive opinions. Well…. A month or so ago my high school “Bffs” stopped talking to me because I still kept a friendship with one of her ex’s….me and my Bffs lost touch after we graduated because I went to college and they didn’t. I’m a guy who’s gay and (not that it matters) went to a college that later I found out my friends Ex was also attending. Well since I didn’t know anyone there because I was a freshman bumping into my friends ex was nice because I at least knew someone. So time passed and we became great friends. He’s straight and I respected that. I never once made a move on him or try to hit on him. I like the friendship we made during college. I at this time of my life wasn’t talking to my “Bffs” like how we used to back in college… Well to make a long story short. (we will call the guy Marcus) Marcus one night invited me to go to the mall because he needed to return a t shirt from hot topic, so I said yes because I saw him like a homie. When I posted a video of me and him goofing off, my “friends” saw it & my so call Bffs went off on me telling me why was I hanging out with him after Marcus broke up with (we will call her) Rita and everything Marcus put her through. What I said was that what ever happened between Rita and Marcus had nothing to do with me because I consider him as my pal, but they didn’t see it that way so they deleted me from social media after talking **** about me.

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