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[ Friends ] Open Question : How do I confront my roommate over something entirely strange?

My roommate has been a buddy for almost 8 years now, and we’ve been roommates for 1.5 years. This is going to sound weird, but over that same duration of time, I’ve lost several pairs of socks between home and the laundromat. I chalked it up to me being careless or to misplacing them somehow at the laundromat. That is until I was asked to retrieve a Mac adapter from my roommate’s room at his request, and run it over to him on at work on my way to my own job. I had to look beside his chest of drawers and I noticed a Kroger bag full of dirty socks wedged in between the wall and the drawers. My dirty socks! Every pair I have “lost” since we moved into that apartment.

What does this mean? What would make someone do this? I feel completely weird around him now, and I hate that feeling. We were best buds until I “caught” him doing something unexplainable. Has ANYONE else ever experienced anything like this? How do I bring it up to him? Do you think he had me search, knowing I would find his stash of MY socks? And why does he want to just keep them around?

Any serious help is appreciated.

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