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Frame drops in Gnome

Sometimes, when I do some graphics-intensive tasks in my desktop PC, such as watching videos on YouTube or creating 3D models, after some time I can notice frame drops– mouse cursor does not move smoothly and animations not occurring smoothly. Even during this, my computer is completely usable, only it loads programs slowly.
During this time, I open up the gnome-system-monitor and see that 4 processes–

  • kidle_inj/0
  • kidle_inj/1
  • kidle_inj/2
  • kidle_inj/3

are having too much CPU usage (about 20% or more). After leaving the computer for some time, these processes stop and again the speed becomes normal. This occurred with both Ubuntu 19.10 and 20.04.

I think that my problem is unlike others because in this case the computer neither freeze completely nor do I need to restart my computer to get back to normal condition, it normalizes on its own after some time. What can be the reason for this and how to fix this issue?

FYI I have Intel Graphics 2500.

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