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Force user to change their password on the frontend at the first login and password policy

I have 3 users roles on my platform with no access to the WordPress backoffice “external_user1” , “external_user2”, “external_user3”.

I need to force every user with one of this roles to change his password at the first login. by the way i use the WordPress login form.

So if the user enter the correct ID and password he is redirected to : wp-login.php?action=lostpassword for reset the password. as you can see on the picture below :

At this time, he enters again the ID and a reset mail is send to the user.

When the user click to the mail link he is redirected to reset page. and when he tries to change the password i need him to type on the keyboard the old one. after that he can access.

And the last one is about password policy :
8 characters with at last 1 uppercase 1 lowercase 1 Number 1 special character


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