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Flutter: how to send email in bcc

I am using the plugin flutter_email_sender and I have the following function

Future<void> sendEmail({List<String> recipient, bool isBcc}) async {
    Email email;
        ? email = Email(
            body: '',
            subject: '',
            bcc: recipient,
        : email = Email(
            body: '',
            subject: '',
            recipients: recipient,

    String platformResponse;

    try {
      await FlutterEmailSender.send(email);
      platformResponse = 'success';
    } catch (error) {
      platformResponse = error.toString();

when I execute the following command in iOS

sendEmail(recipient: emailList, isBcc: true);

the email get triggered but the emailList is in Cc (rather than in Bcc). If I do the same stuff in Android the email get triggered in Bcc. What am I doing wrong?


I understood the issue is that the iOS device I am using is set up in Italian and the Bcc field is called Ccn… what can I do to resolve??? do I need to plan to know each language translation of Bcc???

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