finding employees that are always together

I have a homework assignment on a company database with relations as follows:

Employee(eid,ename,salary,did,classification)  - primary key is eid
Project(pid,pname,did,budget,duedate)  - primary key is pid
Onproject(pid,eid,fdate) - primary key is (pid,eid)

There are more relations, but I don’t think they are relevant (department,budget).

I need to find and display workers id(eid) that are always doing the same projects(always together). I need to display every pair only once.

I’m trying this:

DISTINCT (e1.eid , e2.eid)

employee as e1 , employee as e2 


AND e1.eid in 
(SELECT eid,pid as A from onproject where pid IN(
 (select pid as B from onproject where eid = e2.eid )INTERSECT (select pid as AB from onproject where eid = e1.eid)))
e2.eid in 
(SELECT eid,pid as C from onproject where pid IN
 ((select pid as D from onproject where eid = e1.eid) intersect (select pid as AC from onproject where eid = e2.eid)))

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