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FIFA 20 Xbox One Controller Ghost Input

I’ve been experiencing an issue on FIFA 19 (and subsequently FIFA 20) on PC, where if I attempt to play the game using my Xbox One (for Windows) controller, it registers a constant left-direction (either D-Pad or analog stick, I’m not sure) input.

I have attempted several different ways to resolve or diagnose this issue, including:

1.) Disabling / Re-enabling and Uninstalling/Re-installing the device’s drivers
2.) Checking that the device itself is not broken (both by using different games, and a gamepad tester), as well as swapping the controller from a third party Xbox 360 controller.
3.) Switching different USB cables as well as different ports.
4.) Using 360 Controller Emulator, as this is something that users that have had issues with Sony DualShock 4 controllers have used to resolve the problem.

I’m at my wits end, and I can’t really think of what is causing it or how to resolve it. A particularly odd thing is that I had been using the controller on FIFA 19 for several hundred hours with no problems until it started having an issue, which prompted me to buy a replacement controller.

Please halp 🙁

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