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[ Family ] Open Question : I don’t understand my dad?

my dad tends to change moods quickly and has a very short temper. one minute he will be happy and in a good mood, and the next he will be angry and will yell at me for the smallest things. while mad, he will call me things like a spoiled brat and selfish, and one time he said he was ashamed to call me his daughter when i skipped practice (although he claims this never happened when i later told him how it upset me). he doesn’t hesitate to yell at me and my siblings in public if we do something like accidentally spill a drink, which is really embarrassing. later, when he is no longer mad, he acts as if nothing happened and gets mad at me for being distant with him. i don’t feel right calling this abusive because he and my mom do sacrifice a lot for me so my siblings and I can go to private school, but he ends up always bringing this up and calls us spoiled when he gets mad. is this abnormal? i do admit that i have  wondered what it would be like to have a dad who’s more laid back and easy going. 

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