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[ Family ] Open Question : Do you think living in my car is a bad idea? ?

I am sick of living at home with my siblings. Everyone here is negative and I’m sick of being around it. 
I have watched people on YouTube who live in a van or car and I got a lot of ideas and stuff from them on how to survive. 
I am creating a list of things like where I would wash my laundry and I would shower at the gym after getting a membership and around where I live it’s not illegal or nothing to park your car and sleep like in a parking lot or something. I would get curtains or something for my car. I work two jobs so I make enough money to do this and it’ll be a lot cheaper than finding an apartment. I would not live in my car forever. Just enough time to save my money. I can’t save my money because I either give it away to my siblings or I spend it on things I don’t need because I think “since I have my money away and have like none left mind as well spend it??‍♀️“ 
But I am changing my mindset towards things. I want to leave the negative environment I live in. Do you think it’s a good idea? I do. 
People that I’ve told(which I shouldn’t have) they have been giving me **** about it but I think it’s only because they know if I go for it then I won’t be here for them to take advantage of anymore. They will have to find another way to get money or find someone to pick up after their mistakes. 

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