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[ Family ] Open Question : Can someone kick you out for not speaking to them?

I ve been living with my sister and her family for a year. However, my sister s husband and I got into an argument about something stupid. He helped me get a job interview and when I got the job, he started rambling and yelling that I shouldn t “make him look bad” since he helped me get the interview. This went on for a couple days. I took this as harassment and ignored him. I ignored him for nearly a month. As the month was coming to an end, my sister came to me and told me that HE said I had an ultimatum (don t know why he could never speak for himself) the ultimatum was to speak to him or he would no longer accept monthly payment from me and I would be evicted. Which doesn t make sense since our agreement was to pay my portion of the rent which is $400, no matter what. I have never missed a payment nor have I ever paid incrementally. Can he really be that petty and butt-hurt to do this? I have no defense from my sister whatsoever so I may be left with nowhere to go.

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