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[ Family ] Open Question : Are There Any Risks For Going Against the Detective and Denying Further Cooperation?

So, I had previously asked if I should take my little brother away from our verbally abusive mother’s household because 1) He desires to leave and 2) Mom has told him she doesn’t want him and to go call Dad to tell him he’s living with him. (FYI No custody cases involved)
I told him if that was the case and if Dad said it was Oh’kay, I will take him withing the next two Fridays. Mom got mad all of a sudden when she heard the news (that I was definitely aiming to tell her myself but becay we have personal controversy, she won’t pick up my calls or come out of the house) and doesn’t want me to take him for unspecified reasons, but still tells him to go and other negative things.
So today, I took him and now a detective called claiming that Mom reported him as “missing”, knowing full well the details of where he’s going. The detective said he doesn’t want me to get into trouble and that he wants me to keep in touch and will have to intervene our travel to take him back. I don’t want that and my little brother is crushed and upset because he doesn’t want to go back either. Especially now that things will get worse for him at home when he returns. 
I want to have my little brother call Mom to let her know he’s fine and to drop the case and let him go. If I deny further cooperation with the detective, what is the “trouble” that will happen? What can I do? What are my options?

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