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Exchange Hybrid message size restriction

I’m migrating mailbox to Office 365 and got stuck with Large Items Exception.

I read about default message size restrictions. And set 100MB limit in Exchange Online.

Then migration failed again. I checked large item. It is around 40MB. So just above previous size restriction.

Since then I’ve tried to find any place where 35MB old limit is applied. Either on-premise or in cloud. And the only place I found is Mailuser in cloud. It’s Mailuser because mailbox is still on-premise

The command run in Exchange Online.
enter image description here

I’ve confirmed that. After migration large item was skipped. And cloud mailbox MaxSendSize and MaxReceiveSize were 35 and 36 respectfully. Where they should have been 100MB as default message size restriction.

Could you please help? Maybe you know where this numbers are coming from. Or some policy for migration message size. I’d appreciate any thoughts.

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