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Encountering high memory usage on Windows 10

I’m using a laptop with 8GB of ram and am encountering high idle ram usage, when previously I was able to open tabs upon tabs of google Chrome right now about 15 tabs will cause Chrome crash already. I’ve googled and read some solutions and tried them out to little success. With that, I’m attaching screenshots of things like task manager, rammap and poolmon to hopefully give you an idea of what’s happening.

RAMMap 1

RAMMap 2

Poolmon with non-paged and bytes on top

CMD of top of Poolmon

I notice that it probably isn’t because of a driver leak, and the top is ismc(Intel Rapid Storage) and another is ConT(No idea what) which takes up 3MB from what I know? I could be wrong as I don’t really know what I’m looking at. If any more information has to be provided I will be ready to provide them.

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