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Edit Post Permalink option removed, looking for possible causes

The edit post permalink button is totally removed ( not hidden with css ) from the edit view – but the slug is still editable from both the Quick Edit view and also via the "slug" panel which I can show from Screen Options.

I am looking for some hints ( wp filters or JS perhaps ) which will help me locate the code which is removing this feature.

Checking the other post types, I can edit permalinks normally on pages.

Things I have done:

  • reset all user permissions, this made no difference.
  • check how post types are registered
  • Check post type supports calls for changes to the Post post type
  • Looked at other CPT’s I have registered, some which have the permalink disabled by returning false for rewrite ( but this totally removes the permalink feature )
  • Checked as many other obvious places I can
  • Checked ACF group settings in case any were set-up to hide permalinks

Things I will do, if no handy search hints help me locate the issue:

  • Turn off plugins / themes one by one and try to locate the issue.

Edit Post view:

edit post view

Quick Edit view:

Quick Edit

Post edit slug meta box:

Post Slug Meta Box

Edit page view:

Edit Page View

CPT with rewrite => false:

Edit CPT View with rewrite => false

Permalink HTML:

Permalink HTML

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