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Dual booting, and lost rEFInd: how to recover OSX?

I mostly followed [these instructions][1] for how to set up dual-booting on my macbook, and everything seemed fine, up to the very last step. Now when I reboot the system (even if I hold command-R) I don’t get any rEFInd boot menu or recovery mode, it just boots to the Ubuntu partition and I have no way of booting into OSX, which means this is now just a single-boot option Ubuntu machine.
I suspect it may be because during the OSX partitioning, I created two partitions, and then consolidated them into one during the Ubuntu installation phase.

What should I do from this point?

Edit solved: From within Ubuntu, install refind again from the secondary installation. In case of Ubuntu:

sudo apt install refind

Let the program install to the partition that it wants to install to, then reboot, and you should see the rEFInd menu again.

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