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Does having an extended validation SSL certificate increase your Google search ranking?

I am assisting an retailer obtain and install an extended validation (EV) SSL certificate for their online shop. After going through a lot of back and forth providing business documentation, I now wonder whether it is worth going through the time and expense of obtaining one. CAs, who sell EV certificates, claim it makes your site trustworthy, however, there are numerous articles arguing users can’t tell the difference and don’t care. Moreover, most modern browsers no longer prominently present EV certificates to the user, making it difficult to tell if it’s EV or a standard certificate. at a glance.

Clearly, EV certificates lost the clout it once had, but I wonder if Google’s search engine still factors higher it into their ranking algorithm than a standard one. I suspect it’s at least a small factor for smaller online retailers, but less, or none at all, for Amazon, eBay and other Google advertisers who have been “prevalidated” by the virtue of buying ads on Google.

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