Velostrata Migration from On-premises to GCP. Error log: echo boot failed and waiting for disks online. Migrated VM Rolled-back to on-prem from GCP

I am seeing the errors in the log: echo boot failed and waiting for disks online in the console log of Velostrata Manager while I am doing the migration of a windows 2016 VM (No Symantec End Point Protection) from on-premises vcenter to Google Cloud Platform. Below is the error log for a quick reference.…

Unable to restore RDS oracle database, user is having RDSFullAccess

I am trying to restore RDS Oracle database snapshot and getting an error like “you are not authorized to perform this operation. (Service:Amazon EC2; Status core: 403……) Here the user trying to restore snapshot is already having RDSAullAccess permission which has the EC2-Describe permission. Any help on this will be much appreciated.