SSMS Designer Removing Square Brackets

I am designing a view that accesses tables in a linked server. Every time I paste this query into the SQL pane, Intellisense removes the square brackets, and then complains that there’s more than 3 prefixes. I’ve tried turning Intellisense off, but it keeps happening: SELECT Loc.Address1, Loc.Address2, Loc.Address3, BP.BusinessPartnerName FROM [REPORTING.SOMESERVER.CA].Toast.dbo.BusinessPartnerLocations AS Loc LEFT…

regexp map /etc/postfix/body_checks unknown regexp option “/”

Please help with an hint. I have implemented into my postfix the following rule: /https://test/ DISCARD – test When I try to test it: # postmap -q “https://test” regexp:/etc/postfix/body_checks postmap: warning: regexp map /etc/postfix/body_checks,: unknown regexp option “/”: skipping this rule So, any ideas how to solve this issue? Thanks! Nick