I can’t store uploaded images in public laravel

I want to upload some pictures and store them in public/ but it store in storage/app/public i used php artisan link:storage before And this is the code: public function store(Request $request) { $new_file_data=[ ‘small_explain’=>$request->input(‘small_explain’), ‘title’=>$request->input(‘title’), ‘paragraph_one’=>$request->input(‘paragraph_one’), ‘paragraph_two’=>$request->input(‘paragraph_two’), ‘paragraph_list’=>$request->input(‘paragraph_list’), ‘paragraph_three’=>$request->input(‘paragraph_three’), ‘important_body’=>$request->input(‘important_body’), ‘quote’=>$request->input(‘quote’), ‘author_quote’=>$request->input(‘author_quote’), //image storage ‘index_image’ => $request->file(‘index_image’)->store(‘/public/Images’), ‘header_image’ => $request->file(‘header_image’)->store(‘/public/Images’ ), ‘text_image’ =>$request->file(‘text_image’)->store(‘/public/Images’), ]; Article::create($new_file_data);…

Why there is no file in config folder in my laravel project? How can I change the configuration of my laravel project?

I want to change the configuration of a laravel project, but I can’t find any files in the config folder. I don’t remember which artisan commands were executed, like cache、clear、dump, and there is only one file named packages.php in the bootstrap/cache folder, so how can I find the configuration files, and change the configuration?