Visual Studio Code: settings.json family of configurations vs c_cpp_properties.json?

I’m pretty new to using the C/C++ Extension for VSCode. I’m confused what the precise roles and relationships are between configurations defined in the .vscode/c_cpp_properties.json file and the family of settings allowed in the settings.json file. Do these two mechanisms allow the configuration of the same settings just under different precedence rules or something?

Jsonobject returns null in jsonarray

I want to add object if jsonobject return null or not null JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject(content); JSONArray jsonArray = jsonObject.getJSONArray(“data”); for(int i =0;i<jsonArray.length(); i++){ JSONObject yatirim24Object = jsonArray.getJSONObject(i); if(yatirim24Object.has(id)&& yatirim24Object.has(name) && yatirim24Object.has(description)) { arrayList.add(new Beer( yatirim24Object.getString(“id”), yatirim24Object.getString(“name”), yatirim24Object.getString(“description”), yatirim24Object.getString(“status”), yatirim24Object.getString(“createDate”), yatirim24Object.getString(“updateDate”) )); }

How to validate whether the given input exists in json array or not?

this is my data every time user enters code it should be unique, if there is exists value it should show as error like branch code is exists. branches: [ { code: “test”, name: “test”, email: “test”, website: “”, phone: “test”, address: { street: “test”, city: “test”, township: “test”, state: “test”, zip_code: “test”, country: “test”,…