Unknown database type json requested, Doctrine\DBAL\Platforms\MySqlPlatform may not support it

Running into the above error while attempting to run doctrine:schema:update in Symfony. The error is happening in AbstractPlatform (part of \lib\Doctrine\Platforms\AbstractPlatform) I’m checking and JSON is definitely registered in \lib\Doctrine\DBAL\Types\Type.php abstract class Type { const TARRAY = ‘array’; const SIMPLE_ARRAY = ‘simple_array’; const JSON_ARRAY = ‘json_array’; const JSON = ‘json’; … } Version of MySQL…

Node Sass Error due to extracting dependencies to devDependecies in package.json of ReactJS

I have extracted some dependencies to devDependencies in package.json which resulted to Node Sass error. Here is the link of source code https://github.com/kvnlee777/react-course-2-expensify-app/tree/8e8ecba1545a3e012342f5c65a50860b9aee794f Below are the dependecies extracted to devDependencies “devDependencies”: { “enzyme”: “2.9.1”, “enzyme-to-json”: “1.5.1”, “jest”: “20.0.4”, “react-test-renderer”: “15.6.1”, “webpack-dev-server”: “2.5.1” } } Below is resulted Node Sass error

Put a JSONObject into JSONArray

I have a JSONObject I want to convert this into an array. { “confirmationTypes”: [ { “confirmationTypeCode”: “A” }, { “confirmationTypeCode”: “B” } ] } array = [confirmationTypes] Example: [ { “confirmationTypes”: [ { “confirmationTypeCode”: “A” }, { “confirmationTypeCode”: “B” } ] } ] How do I achieve this type of JSONArray format

Deserializing Json Object of objects in C#

I’ve been struggling to get this to work for a while now… So, let’s suppose I’ve got this .json file: { “fieldConfs” : { “Object1” : {“origin” : “IdArticulo” , “destinationTable” : “Articulos”, “destinationField” : “IdArticulo”, “dataType” : “nvarchar”}, “Object2” : {“origin” : “Nombre” , “destinationTable” : “Articulos”, “destinationField” : “Descrip”, “dataType” : “nvarchar”} }…

Error in getting data from JSON Object in react js

I want to get data from from the json object {[{“Checkit”:”list”,”st”:[{“name”:”Mike”,”ID”:1,”Problem”:”France – 6 Months”}]}]} But getting error that is mentioned below const myObj ={[{“Checkit”:”list”,”st”:[{“name”:”Mike”,”ID”:1,”Problem”:”France – 6 Months”}]}]}; const myObjStr = JSON.stringify(myObj); console.log(myObjStr); getting this error SyntaxError: /src/index.js: Unexpected token (1:171)