How to find javascript files from a source code with regex? My code is giving wrong output [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Reference – What does this regex mean? 1 answer Learning Regular Expressions [closed] 1 answer Am trying to find JS files in source code using regex but the code just gave unexpected output. Code: import requests import re pattern = ‘\.js’ res = requests.get(‘’) result =, res.text)…

JavaScript to Plain Text

I have set up an online radio station, Cheeky FM. However, the theme requires a link to Plain Text to display the artist/song. The streaming server only provide this code: <!– RadioBOSS Cloud NowPlaying Widget (Start) –> <div id=’rbcloud_nowplaying1098′></div> <script src=’;wid=1098′></script> <!– RadioBOSS Cloud NowPlaying Widget (End) –> Can anyone help?