Timeout when try to connect over websocket in web3.py

I am trying to listen for events emitted by a simple Solidity contract. I am not able to connect using ws though I can commit transactions using http. Here’s my code for event listening – import time import json from web3 import Web3, HTTPProvider, WebsocketProvider contract_address = ‘0x6891c4e1171Fb5ec0B77734E49c62077066FBB4D’ wallet_address = ‘0x8093d4d4C6eFea785eaeba5430Bb62574C113214’ w3 = Web3(WebsocketProvider(‘ws://’)) print(“Connection…

Output has an “Unknown” status?

Looking at transaction https://blockstream.info/tx/c362fe7f8cb94b363c0c7cd5a0f82cf0dfa7733ab8a3b90df3eb9f0bff912148 some outputs are having type: nonstandard. There are 2 questions related to it: Wouldn’t this construct be interested from the perspective of obscuring data against blockchain analytics? Where can I learn more about transactions like this one? Why does it have something that looks like a multisig definition in the output?