Cannot use delegatecalls in Remix since either the addresses aren’t displayed correcly or I cannot access the memory address?

For instance delegatecall to the same address works: function callTheOtherContract() public { require(address(this).delegatecall(bytes4(keccak256(“callMe()”)))); } event CallMe(address _from); function callMe() payable public { CallMeMaybeEvent(this); balances[0xD3755576a0413ADd8Ba11B5430692630DEa74cCE] += 1; } However trying do call external addressed of a deployed remix contract “in memory” doesn’t work: function call() public { address x =0xCab77B4B9BF9b92a53572091C5798C570051BE8f; x.delegatecall(bytes4(keccak256(“tobecalled()”))); }