Smart contract works on remix and ganache but not on private chain developed by geth

The smart contract works well on the ganache and remix but not work on the private chain, even though i use the –testnet geth –identity “EDU” –rpccorsdomain “*” –rpc –rpcport “8545” –datadir data –allow-insecure-unlock –port “30303” –rpcapi “miner,debug,personal,db,eth,net,web3” –testnet –nodiscover console this is how i start the console development: { host: “”, // Localhost (default:…

How to connect to Etherscan Ropsten API using python

I want to connect to the etherscan Ropsten test-net with python: URL = ‘’+ API_key s = requests.Session() response = s.get(URL) The response code is always Forbidden 403. I tested with curl the same url and it works. I tried to use py-etherscan-api, but there are no examples how to connect to Ropsten.