installing project on clean database

I have created data patch It was working fine locally Unable to apply data patch Devall\SpecialPrice\Setup\Patch\Data\AddLabaCenaAttribute for module Devall_SpecialPrice. Original exception message: Notice: Undefined index: entity_type_id in /var/www/html/vendor/magento/module-eav/Setup/EavSetup.php on line 1097 now when setup:upgrading, have this error. What can be the problem I am using 2.3.3 magento $this->eavSetupFactory->updateAttribute(4, 184, ‘is_used_for_promo_rules’, 1);

Display latest comments (global) with replies on a page

Trying to display the latest 50 comments (global, from all the posts) on a page (page.php) I am using this code: <?php $comments = get_comments(‘status=approve&number=50&type=comment&hierarchical=threaded’); foreach($comments as $comment) :?> <?php $post = get_post($comment->comment_post_ID, ‘OBJECT’); ?> <li> <a href=”<?php echo get_permalink($comment->comment_post_ID);?>#comment-<?php echo($comment->comment_ID);?>”> <?php echo $post->post_title; ?> </a> <?php echo($comment->comment_content);?> </li> <br/> <?php endforeach; ?> It works…