How i can create session when first time wordpress plugin load and destroy session after 1 minute

session_start(); $time = $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_TIME’]; $timeout_duration = 1*60; $_SESSION[‘traffic_current_ip’] = $_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]; $_SESSION[‘trafficsource’] = $_SESSION[‘traffic_current_ip’] ; // Set the session timeout for 1 minute if (!empty($_SESSION[‘trafficsource’])) { echo “Session created <pre>”; print_r($_SESSION); } $_SESSION[‘trafficsource’] = $time; elseif(isset($_SESSION[‘trafficsource’]) && ($time – $_SESSION[‘trafficsource’]) > $timeout_duration) { $_SESSION_DESTROY(); echo “test yes capture but time crossed<pre>”; print_r($_SESSION); }

Magento 2.3.x: Allows customers to choose dropdown option to tax prices including or excluding on product page

By default Magento2 allows admin to select whether prices will be displayed including tax, excluding tax or both, however it does not allow customers to change or choose the dropdown option, this setting in the frontend. I need adds a simple dropdown menu in the product page frontend allowing customers to choose the dropdown options…