Detecting URL change in react native webview, injected javascript not loading on pages navigated to

Currently trying to detect URL change of pages in a react native webview to take an action every time a user navigates to a new page within a website loaded in the webview. I am injecting the following javascript, but it only runs on the load page, and doesn’t run on other pages navigated to within the site.

How can I have this javascript snippet running on every page in this site?

The javascript snippet and WebView component:

const App: () => React$Node = () => {
  const injectedjs = `
  let initialUrl = window.location.href;
  let checkUrlChange = () => { = 'blue';
    const currentUrl = window.location.href;
    if(currentUrl !== initialUrl){
      window.alert('nav changed')
      initialUrl = currentUrl;
  setInterval(checkUrlChange, 1000);

  setTimeout(() => {
  }, 3000);

  return (
    <View style=>
        ref={r => (this.webref = r)}
        javaScriptEnabled = {true}


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