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Czech Archive Ubuntu 18.04 LTS missing bionic Release

After using apt-get update today, it tells me that bionic Release does not contain the file Release. And indeed, after checking, I cannot find any file named Release.
But while checking, the Release file is there. Does this mean that the Czech support for Ubuntu is over?

It is making impossible to work with the system right now as no PPA can be added, or any application cannot be installed.

For now I fixed the issue by removing cz. in /etc/apt/sources.list. However, can I somewhere check whether this is an intended change? Or what should I do in this case?

After checking the Czech forum that can be found on the language mutation of the Ubuntu original website, I am not the only once facing this issue:,84666.0.html
However, there has not been a clear answer either yet.

Thank you in advance for a reply.

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