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Configuring BGP between two Cisco routers

I am currently learning how to setup a BGP neighborship between two cisco routers.
In the following picture you can see the setup I am working with:
Network setup

All Networks are /24.

Router A is a Cisco ISR 1100 Series and Router B is a Cisco 886VAJ.
I originally wanted to assign all the IP-Adresses directly to the interfaces but the routers seem to not support that. The ‘no switchport’ command returns ‘incomplete command’.
Instead I created VLANs with the corresponding IP-Adresses and assigned the VLANs to the interfaces.

Network is in VLAN 1

Network is in VLAN 2

Network is in VLAN 3

I tried to setup the BGP neighborship as follows:

RouterA> router bgp 100

RouterA> neighbor remote-as 200

RouterB> router bgp 200

RouterB> neighbor remote-as 100

Any advice on how to change my configuration would be appreciated.

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